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What to prepare before using the oil-water separator

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What to prepare before using the oil-water separator

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Oil-water separator is a new oil-water separation product with simple and convenient operation.It is widely used in the treatment of oily wastewater and degreasing wastewater in the marine, metallurgical, petrochemical, and food industries. How does the specific oil-water separator operate? What is required before operating the oil-water separator What about preparations?

The separation device of the oil-water separator should be as close to the sewage source as possible to shorten the length of the water pipe, reduce the pipeline resistance, shorten the discharge pipeline as much as possible, and keep the oil pollution tank as close to the device as possible, lower than the device. A slurry filter should be installed in front of the pump to prevent coarse particles from causing harm or blockage to the pump or oil-water separator.

Open the electrical control cabinet to reliably ground the ground terminal in the control cabinet; lead the power into the control cabinet through copper wires (> 1.5 square millimeters), check the power supply voltage with a multimeter, and confirm that it is correct before turning on the total power of the oil-water separator. The indicator on the power cabinet is on.

Finally, test whether the motor of the oil-water separator is turned correctly. Click the motor start button. Turn clockwise from the top of the motor to the pump. The test time is short. To avoid dry wear on the mechanical seal, open the exhaust valve and fill the intake pipe and pump body. liquid.

How to better maintain the oil-water separator is something that must be done. Today, Hengtong drainage equipment manufacturer catering oil-water separator Xiaobian summarizes some maintenance skills for everyone, which is also the usual accumulation. See below:

When the catering oil-water separator has poor separation efficiency and there is an unpleasant odor around the equipment, the power consumption becomes large, and it is easy to automatically break, and even accidents caused by long-term improper use habits indicate that the oil-water separator is usually unhealthy. Pay attention to the reasons for maintenance.

It is particularly necessary to regularly maintain and maintain the oil-water separator. Maintenance and maintenance methods for the oil-water separator:

1. The equipment regularly checks whether its electrical control part is working properly and whether its insulation performance is normal;

2. Thoroughly clean the oil separation tank at least once a month. After cleaning, the oil-water separator must be filled with clean water;

3. Regularly clean the filter with hot water, and drain off the debris on the water inlet filter screen and clean it up;

4. If the equipment is equipped with an automatic grill machine (most commonly found in the oil trap), it is necessary to check whether there are debris on the automatic grill machine that affects the work;

5. Turn off the power every day and clean up the oil separation tank and slag separation tank to keep the water flow smoothly and smoothly;

6. In places with a lot of animal oil waste water discharge, the drain valve should be opened, and the waste oil in the fuel tank should be cleaned with a spoon after draining part of the water;

7. Regularly check whether the aeration pipe inside the box is uniformly aerated. If the aeration is uneven, check whether the aeration pipe is leaked or blocked;

8.Clear the silt and residues that can't be drained regularly at the bottom of the box;

9. Thoroughly flush the inside of the device once every half a month, and the frequency can be more frequent if the amount of processing is usually large;

10. Regularly contact the manufacturer for after-sales inspection equipment to maintain the performance of the equipment;

11. Regularly check whether the aeration pipe inside the box is uniformly aerated, if the aeration is uneven, check whether the aeration pipe is leaking or blocked;

12. Add detergent to the oil-water separator.

After paying special attention to the catering, you must remember to perform the filling operation of the filling pump until the fuel pump is filled. Only the proper and timely operation and maintenance of the oil-water separator can ensure the treatment effect of the oil-water separator.

You can also consult the manufacturer for maintenance of the oil-water separator maintenance, or if you think those methods are feasible, you can also maintain them yourself. If you have any questions, please visit the website of Hengtong Drainage Equipment Manufacturer.



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