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Inspection and preparation of oil-water separation during startup

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Inspection and preparation of oil-water separation during startup

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The oil-water separation isolator is a device for treating sewage. It can be divided into two categories: catering oil-water separator and industrial oil-water separator! One is the catering oil-water separator, which is used to treat sewage in the catering industry, and the other is the organic combination of cyclone and stainless steel wire mesh to capture mist, while adopting mechanisms such as direct interception, inertial collision, Brown diffusion and condensation. .

Why does the catering industry install oil-water separation equipment? A large amount of oil fume is generated during the work of the kitchen, and the oil fume is very harmful to the health of the staff. The main harms are as follows:

Danger of slippage: Oil fume can adhere to floors and stairs, even if it is far away from where the oil fume is generated, making the ground slippery and dangerous.

Hazard to the equipment: Oil fume can spread everywhere, which will cause damage to some mechanical equipment and electronic equipment.

Viscous oil mist condensed matter easily destroys the dynamic balance of the fan and the muffler equipment, causing noise pollution of the induced fan.


Fire hazard: Another danger of oil fume is that it is prone to fire, especially in ventilation ducts and electrical control boxes, which is even more dangerous.

Prone to bacterial contamination and reproduction: Oil fume accumulates in the ventilation equipment pipes, which will produce bacteria proliferation, spread and infection.

Health hazards: Oil fume can be harmful to health through skin, breathing, swallowing, and eye contact. Some oil particles enter the respiratory tract through breathing: small particles can enter the blood directly. Even a brief stay in an oily environment can leave your lungs full of oil.

Harm of odors: odors are scattered in the oil fume, which brings a lot of harm to people's normal life.

The transfer of pollution affects the quality of the outdoor environment, causing conflicts between manufacturers and surrounding residents.

Oil-water separation is mainly based on the density difference of water and oil or different chemical properties, using the principle of gravity sedimentation or other physical and chemical reactions to remove impurities or complete the separation of oil and water. Achieve air purification to reduce environmental pollution.


The oil-water separation isolator uses stainless steel wire mesh coalescing packing inside, and the shell is made of steel welded tank structure. Generally the pressure is 0.1Mpa-2.5Mpa. Its principle is to use the organic combination of cyclone and stainless steel wire mesh to capture fog, while adopting mechanisms such as direct interception, inertial collision, Brownian diffusion and condensation.

The following editors will share with you the inspection and preparation of oil and water equipment during startup:

1: Before using oil-water separator equipment for discharge, the consent of the bridge should be obtained

2: Check the circuit installation of the oil-water separator, and whether the steering of the supporting pump is normal

3: Supply water to the oil-water separator, open the top air valve, and let the air escape

4: Check that there is no leakage on the water inlet and outlet system of the oil-water separator

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