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The origin of sewage lifting technology!

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The origin of sewage lifting technology!

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Equipment Introduction

Sewage riser is a kind of drainage equipment, used in basements, ships, vehicles and other places away from drainage risers and places with poor drainage conditions. It is usually a complete system that can solve the problem of sewage discharge in some commercial complexes and households.



Fully automatic sewage riser can be mainly used for the drainage of sanitary ware sewage in basements and places away from drainage risers that do not have self-draining sewage. Places that need to be upgraded and discharged: villas, small business clothes, shopping malls, public baths, swimming pools, canteens Sewage lifting of underground buildings such as hotels, restaurants, restaurants (equipment is fully automatic, fully enclosed operation)


Product Origin

In the past, two methods were often used in the design of the bathroom in the basement of the building.

One is to set a water collecting pit under the basement floor, collect the sewage from the sanitary ware, and then use a submersible sewage pump to lift it to the outdoor underground sewage pump well.

①. There are solid materials in the sewage to start and stop the liquid in equal positions. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will easily cause clogging;

②. Due to the shallow water collecting pit, the submersible sewage pump operation based on water is not reliable;

③. The tightness of the catchment pit is bad, it smells, and the sanitary condition is not good.


The other is to discharge the sewage from the toilet into the outdoor underground sewage pump well by self-flow, and use a submersible sewage pump to lift the sewage into the sewage inspection well near the pump well.

①. Pump wells need to be built outdoors, with deeper depth, larger investment, and inconvenient management.

②. It will also encounter the situation where the toilet in the building is set up and down so that the toilet is far from the drainage riser, but the drainage riser cannot be suspended under the floor.

It was found that both methods have some practical problems, so toilets with automatic lifting and drainage functions and fully automatic sewage lifters have arisen from this, which solves the above-mentioned problems and facilitates wastewater treatment in various industries. I will introduce other aspects of sewage lifting equipment to everyone who has related needs in the next issue, so stay tuned.



Harbin Hengtong Drainage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a wide range of sewage lifting equipment, can provide customized sewage drainage solutions, excellent professional quality tailored to your needs.

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