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Garbage classification trades things, and the "one person, one card, one yard" model is coming!

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Garbage classification trades things, and the "one person, one card, one yard" model is coming!

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Guide: From the beginning of the compulsory era in Shanghai, we deeply understand that garbage classification is everyone's business. In promoting waste sorting, the implementation of point exchange has become the mainstream of cultivating residents' living habits. The points of garbage classification can not only be exchanged for daily necessities, but in some places, they can also be exchanged for tickets, interest courses, etc. It is believed that with the promotion of the Internet, the waste classification and exchange model will become more and more accurate.

With the start of the compulsory era in Shanghai, garbage classification has begun to enter everyone's life. “个人混投罚款或纳入征信系统”后,我们也认识到,垃圾分类的推进重在个人。 After clearly specifying that “personal mixed investment fines or credit reporting systems” are included in the local regulations , we have also realized that the promotion of garbage classification is focused on individuals.

Cultivating residents' good garbage sorting habits is a prerequisite for achieving garbage sorting. “金点子”,包括给居民送分类垃圾桶、由小区物业进行考核并适当发放补贴和积分激励等,其中积分激励、以物换物是行业内公认的主流方式。 In response to this situation, various places have provided suggestions and suggestions, and found many "golden ideas" to speed up the waste classification process , including sending classified garbage bins to residents, assessing by community properties, and appropriately issuing subsidies and point incentives. Bartering is recognized as the mainstream method in the industry.
Classified points are an incentive method adopted in many places. According to the news from various places, most cities use garbage weighing to convert points for garbage classification.

It is as small as daily necessities, such as toothpaste, soap, cooking oil, laundry detergent, etc., and as big as redemption of playground courses, illustrations and other interest courses. In the future, as garbage classification continues to deepen, more items can be exchanged, especially in our daily lives. Not only can points be redeemed for supermarket products, but also expansion with online shopping platforms, offline physical store consumption, etc. Cooperation to deepen the impact of waste classification on our lives.
“功夫”,像米、油、鸡蛋等物品会更吸引老年人的注意力,而对于高收入阶层和年轻人来说,像电影票、洗车券等用途广泛的奖品会更深入人心。 Some professionals believe that the exchange of garbage sorting points is indeed a good way to promote garbage sorting. However, for residents of different ages, they may put a little "kung fu" on the prizes redeemed by points , such as rice, oil, eggs and other items Will attract the attention of the elderly, and for high-income classes and young people, such as movie tickets, car wash tickets and other widely used prizes will be more popular.

Therefore, how to set up garbage classification points and prizes to attract more people to participate in it will also be a major difficulty that many cities should consider.
“垃圾”,更是一种“资源”,不论是从垃圾本身的资源化利用来说,还是对我们每一个人从中获得的收益来说,都是一举多得的方式,增强了人们参与其中的积极性。 With this promotion, garbage is no longer "garbage", but also a "resource". Whether it is from the resource utilization of the garbage itself, or the benefits that each of us gets from it, it is more than one thing. The way to get it has increased the enthusiasm of people to participate in it.

Garbage classification is accurate to individuals and traces to households, which is an innovative model for forcibly promoting garbage classification. “互联网+”对垃圾分类进行投放投放实名制。 More is the use of "Internet +" to put waste classification into the real-name system. For example, each resident of a community in Wuhan has a QR code smart card that is bound to his ID card, and scans the garbage bags he receives to place the corresponding garbage at a fixed point to earn points.
With the advancement of the smart sorting bins, the model of points redemption will become more and more accurate. “一户、一卡、一码”等方式,养成垃圾分类投放的好习惯,距离我国全面实现垃圾分类也不会太远。 The classification of garbage is difficult to blame to the individual, and it is not difficult to blame to the individual. If everyone can adopt the "one household, one card, one yard" and other methods to develop a good habit of garbage sorting, it is far from being fully realized in China. The garbage sorting will not be too far away.

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