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Join hands to build a dream future, Happy 20th Anniversary of Hengtong Drainage Group!

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Join hands to build a dream future, Happy 20th Anniversary of Hengtong Drainage Group!

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Company Anniversary is a great opportunity to connect with customers, potential customers, employees and other audiences, and the perfect time to tell and share your story. This is an opportunity to talk about why you started a business from scratch, where you have been, what you did, and what makes you different. This is an opportunity to thank the employees and customers who helped you achieve this milestone. Motel 6 通过商业“变革”非常有效地讲述了它的故事,这个家庭在 Motel 6 50 年历史中驾驶着自己的汽车,从婴儿潮一代到当年的长发。 For example, Motel 6 tells its story very effectively through a business "change". The family has driven its own car in the 50- year history of Motel 6 , from baby boomers to long hair of the year. 80 岁的观众,同时提醒人们该品牌的悠久历史。 To this day, the film has attracted an 80 -year-old audience, while reminding people of the brand's long history.

Anniversaries are also important because they remind employees that they work with a company that is not only successful but also reliable. -The company has stood the test of time and will continue to serve its customers.


The essence of Hengtong's corporate culture lies in:


Hengtong's corporate culture is the accumulation of Hengtong's internal and external quality and corporate management. According to the essence of development


Corporate Vision: Forging a century-old classic manufacturing economy company. (Casting a classic manufacturing enterprise, achieving a century-old economic enterprise)


努力奋斗。 Corporate Mission: To achieve evergreen blue sky and white clouds, promote harmony between people and the environment and society, and work hard to build China's most influential environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise .


Core values: lean production, artisan quality, technological innovation and development. (Production core value, pursuit, strategy)


Corporate purpose: to promote harmony between people and the environment.


Management philosophy: Learning innovation is the foundation for growth and the guarantee of excellence in lean production.


Enterprise Belief: Lean Enterprise's original intention, quality is our dignity.


Enterprise policy: Survive by quality, develop based on market demand, and serve customers for prosperity.


Corporate ethics: Honest and trustworthy, unity and integrity, stress on professional ethics, and quality as dignity are Hengtong's consistent qualities.


Employee ethics: honesty and trustworthiness, unity and integrity, dedication, hard work and learning, gratitude and self-confidence.


Team consciousness: aggressive and confident, unity and cooperation, collective struggle, only the success of the team can have personal success.


Customer Relationship: Every complaint from customers may cause our business to go bankrupt.


Service concept: Win customers with superior quality, thank customers, serve customers, warm customers, and serve customers regardless of their needs.


It is hoped that in the next ten or two decades, Hengtong will continue to create a better tomorrow.


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