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Internet giants gather in Shanhaiguan, how does the oldest private enterprise in Northeast China choose?

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Internet giants gather in Shanhaiguan, how does the oldest private enterprise in Northeast China choose?

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Northeast has not been so lively for a long time.

On July 16th, Jack Ma led the Alibaba team to start the "Crossing the Kanto" journey, made an appearance in Harbin, visited universities, signed agreements, and vowed "Alibaba investment will go out of Shanhaiguan".

In the past six months, Ma Yun was not the first to visit. Before him, Wang Jianlin, Ma Huateng, and Xu Jiayin all left footprints in the three eastern provinces. Big brothers gathered outside Shanhaiguan, an unprecedented undercurrent of investment is being formed in the Northeast.

Capital's sense of smell is the most sensitive. Do the inconsistent investments of big brothers mean that the Northeast is getting rid of the shadow of decline?


紧跟东北复兴浪潮, 技术 与时俱 进,发展尤为迅速。 The catering environmental protection industry is also keeping up with the Northeast revival. Technology advances with the times , and development is particularly rapid.


- 哈尔滨恒通排水设备制造股份有限公司成立于 1999年,是国家级高新技术企业,新三板挂牌企业,拥有三十余项自主知识产权。 At present, the oldest private enterprise in the Northeast - Harbin Hengtong Drainage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a new third board listed company, and has more than 30 independent intellectual property rights.


The company's main sewage risers and oil-water separators are widely used in various industries.


Its integrated sewage lifting device is widely used in municipal engineering, industry or other buildings that cannot rely on gravity to directly discharge wastewater to sewage treatment systems. Among them, municipal drainage is suitable for sewage pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, combined pumping stations and other midway pumping stations.


The integrated sewage lifting device is the most ideal solution to replace the traditional drainage pumping station. It is an integrated integrated pumping station. GRP玻璃钢材质制成的。 The barrel of the pumping station is made of GRP glass fiber reinforced plastic (RPG) material with advanced thickening machinery . The internal water pumps, pipelines, valves, instruments, control equipment and other accessories required by the user are provided in sets and leave the factory after installation and testing. It is a new type of integrated pumping station equipment that is easy to use, reliable in quality, less in civil work, and lower in cost. Volume optimization is its most significant feature.

Its advantages: First, the volume is small, but the available effective volume is excellent; the degree of integration is high, and it is truly integrated.

CFD流体学设计,具有流态好、无堵塞,自清洁功能;质量可靠,无渗漏,不会污染环境;重量轻,造价较低;配备高质量、高性能的潜水排污泵,其广泛应用传感器时刻监控水泵运行状况,大大降低了维护费用;自动化集成度高,可实现异地监控与管理,还可以实现,同时可以实现远程数据无限传送和自 动生成运行报表等功能;使用安全:其科学的设计与配置大大减少了剧毒及恶臭气体产生,保护了环境;完全地埋式安装,安装后不影响周围环境与景观;安装周期短,节省了大部分费用,维护省时省力;一次性投入,长期运行成本低,节能效益明显,且在遇到拆迁或被占地的情况下可以二次吊装起来进行二次填埋再次利用 Secondly, the cylinder body is made of advanced corrosion-resistant material reinforced FRP mechanical winding or lined with special steel and covered with FRP; the pump pit is designed with CFD fluidics, which has good fluidity, no clogging and self-cleaning functions; reliable quality and no leakage , Will not pollute the environment; light weight, low cost; equipped with high-quality, high-performance submersible sewage pumps, which are widely used sensors to monitor the pump's operating conditions at all times, greatly reducing maintenance costs; high degree of automation integration, can achieve remote monitoring and Management can also be realized, and at the same time, it can realize unlimited remote data transmission and automatic generation of operating reports; safety in use: its scientific design and configuration greatly reduce the production of highly toxic and malodorous gases, and protect the environment; completely buried installation After installation, it will not affect the surrounding environment and landscape; short installation cycle, saves most costs, saves time and effort; one-time investment, low long-term operating costs, obvious energy saving benefits, and in the case of demolition or land occupation It can be hoisted for secondary landfill reuse .

完全定制,每次可以根据工程不同,设计不同直径和不同高度进出水管位置的泵站,满足各种场所的需要 Finally, completely customized, each time you can design pump stations with different diameters and different inlet and outlet pipe positions according to different projects to meet the needs of various places .


There are various styles of current oil-water separators to match the industry. There are multi-level liquid-level floating oil - water separation equipment , combined liquid-level floating oil-water separation equipment, four-pump oil -water separation equipment in the pit , outdoor buried oil-water separation equipment, and a new type of vortex. Oil-water separation equipment and other equipment. Its advantages: low price, no consumable consumables, and one investment benefit all year round. No electricity and power are needed, no operating costs are required, and it is completely self-purified after the inflow of sewage, which is easy to manage. Hard material, easy to clean and long life. It can prevent the sewer from being blocked, avoid the breeding of rodents caused by rotting oil, odor overflow and unnecessary cleaning work, and prolong the service life of the sewer.


50% ,远超全国平均水平。 Northeast China is the center of the state-owned economy, and the assets of state-owned enterprises account for over 50% , far exceeding the national average. 年全国民营制造业 500 强,东北只有 7 家,跟互联网科技领域的大企业更是无缘。 In 2017 , the top 500 private manufacturing companies in the country , and only 7 in the Northeast , were even missed by large companies in the Internet technology field. The arrival of Ali and Tencent this time can be said to be a long drought and a sweetheart.


In the near future, Hengtong Drainage will join hands with the Internet to create greater vitality, and the oldest private enterprise will surely be the longest surviving enterprise in this bloody storm.

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