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  • Hard performance requirements of oil-water separator

    The sewage treatment oil-water separator is an indispensable device in the catering industry. The general catering industry has high performance requirements for sewage treatment oil-water separators. What are the hard performance requirements? In an era of all-round competition, with the development of society, people's
    Release time: 2019-06-05 Clicks: 137

  • The origin of sewage lifting technology!

    Sewage lifter is a kind of drainage equipment. It is used in basements, ships, vehicles and other places away from drainage risers and places with poor drainage conditions. It is usually a complete system that can solve the sewage discharge problems of some commercial complexes and households . Product Application Full-automatic sewage riser is mainly used for sanitation in basements and places away from drainage risers that do not have self-draining sewage.
    Release time: 2019-05-28 Clicks: 129

  • Inspection and preparation of oil-water separation during startup

    The oil-water separation isolator is a device for treating sewage. It can be divided into two categories: catering oil-water separator and industrial oil-water separator! One is the catering oil-water separator, which is used to treat sewage in the catering industry, and the other is the organic combination of cyclone and stainless steel wire mesh to capture mist, while using direct interception, inertial collision, Brown diffusion and condensation . Catering industry is
    Release time: 2019-05-16 Clicks: 128

  • "Gutter Oil" turns waste into treasure! Gorgeous turn! !!

    Hazards of “Gutter Oil” Food and kitchen waste need to be separated by oil and water. Many underground workshops perform some surface processing on the separated waste oil and return it to the market. "Gutter Oil" turns waste into treasure! Gorgeous turn! !! 2. New treatment technology for "ditch oil" and its application in China
    Release time: 2019-04-28 Clicks: 144

  • A picture of the business catering process in 2019-the collector's edition is full of dry goods! Definitely worth sharing!

    Hengtong Drainage Catering Environmental Protection Ecology Research Sharing If you think the editor is good, quickly help to share it immediately, more surprises worth paying attention to Austria! The copywriting was originally created by CXJYXG. Some pictures are from the Internet and are for learning sharing only! 》》 Catering oil and water separation equipment》》 What is catering oil and water separation equipment? Is it so important! 》》 Not only a large restaurant,
    Release time: 2019-04-28 Clicks: 126

  • What to prepare before using the oil-water separator

    Oil-water separator is a new type of oil-water separator with simple and convenient operation.It is widely used in the treatment of oily wastewater and degreasing wastewater in the marine, metallurgical, petrochemical, and food industries. How does the specific oil-water separator operate? Ready to work? & N
    Release time: 2019-04-19 Clicks: 144

  • What are the functions of the new catering oil-water separator

    After many upgrades, Hengtong Catering Oil-water Separator has been continuously improved and enriched, and many new technologies have been derived, which also makes the oil-water separator more competitive in the market. These new functions have many The most popular among consumers are: Automatic filtering and slag removal function
    Release time: 2019-04-11 Clicks: 96

  • What are the benefits of adding a sedimentation tank to the oil-water separator

    Oil-water separator is a new type of oil-water separator with simple and convenient operation.It is widely used in the treatment of oily wastewater and degreasing wastewater in the marine, metallurgical, petrochemical, and food industries. What about preparations? The separation device of the oil-water separator should be as close to the sewage source as possible to shorten
    Release time: 2019-04-02 Clicks: 94

  • Analysis of the differences between the five oil-water separation technologies

    Analyze the differences between the five oil-water separation technologies. For oil-water separation treatment, oil-water separators are commonly used. Oil-water separator is also called oil-water separator. Its main principle is to use different specific gravity of oil-water, and use filtration, sedimentation, floatation and other methods to integrate oil-water separation. Oil-water separation technology
    Release time: 2019-03-13 Clicks: 121

  • Selection of oil-water separator

    Notes on the selection of oil-water separators 1. The market price of oil-water separators purchased from regular manufacturers ranges from a few hundred to several thousand, and the quality difference is relatively large. There are also some fake and shoddy products. The price may be a complete set of fuel injection nozzles, or even change the engine, so everyone must go to the regular maintenance when buying oil-water separators.
    Release time: 2019-01-29 Clicks: 110

  • Why do villas need sewage lifting equipment?

    Sewage lifting integrated equipment is equipped to separate oily wastewater according to physical principles. After the wastewater enters the equipment through the sewage pipe, the light weight floats on the top and sinks heavily on the bottom. The wastewater has a special structure for oil and water separation, which can automatically separate the wastewater Separate the oil, residue and water. The wastewater treated by this equipment is basically oil-free, which avoids
    Release time: 2019-01-16 Clicks: 193

  • 4 kinds of kitchen waste oil-water separation technology

    In the oily sewage (hereinafter referred to as "catering waste water") in kitchen waste, the composition and existence of oils and fats are complex, and generally exist in the main forms of suspended oil, dispersed oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil and oily solids, among which the most difficult Processed is a high concentration of emulsified fats. The current degreasing technologies can be summarized into 4 categories: physical separation (such as gravity separation technology, filtration
    Release time: 2019-01-03 Clicks: 132

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